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Visiting Spirit Gems


Crystal Manifesting Kit

Let these crystals help you manifest your heart's desire.

interior of Spirit Gems crystal shopDo you love crystals, rocks, and gemstones?

We do, too. After 20 years of sharing them with friends and family as empowerment tools, we're excited to open Spirit Gems.

Stones and crystals offer many beneficial attributes that can bring wealth, prosperity, romance, good health and safety, to name a few. Discover the rocks and gemstones that will help you manifest your dreams.

Each piece carries its own special, individual energies and virtues that can be absorbed by those who own and use it. Spirit Gems hand-selects each crystal and stone to:

  • help you make your intentions clear to the universe.
  • provide the guidance and support you may need through some of life's difficult journeys.
  • empower you to manifest your dreams and live an enriched life.

You're invited to visit our shop, where you can learn about crystals and stones, and find the gems that are best suited for you and your desires.

Spirit Gems is located in a cottage retreat on Puget Sound in Seattle. It's the perfect place to recharge, learn, focus, and choose from a wide variety of gems and stones. Our selection of crystals and stones includes amethyst, agate, quartz, hemetite, beryl, obsidian, and other natural gemstones from around the world.

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